Thai Powerful Takrud Nah Mia Maak Pendants by Archan Deang Prailong

Thai Powerful Takrud Nah Mia Maak Pendants by Archan Deang Prailong:

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Name: Thai Powerful Takrud Nah Mia Maak Mahasanaeh
by Archan Deang Phrailong

Model Name: Takrud Nah Mia Maak Mahasanaeh

BLESSED BY: Archan Daeng Prailong
Condition : Excellent Lucky,Money,Gambling,Bussiness & Trader,
Love Attraction,Meddha Mahaniyom.

Material: Mixed Magic Materials,Chaming Wax,Charm Oil,Waan Dokthong,
Embedded Takrut Riaktrab,Riaknaang,

::Life protections,Danger obstacles cease, Gain Benefits, Working smooth,Bring prosper to business,Wished be fulfilled,Wealth,Bring Good luck,bury of many mystery,
This Amulets the having a strength or power to do something ,
there are magical many powers,Buddha's grace for,luck,help trade,
be rich money - gold,have one's wish fulfilled,every the points.

It is very rare and looks so beautiful.
!! It will be one of the best in your collection!!

Effect is for:
1)Get rid of bad luck
2)Good metta
3)Get rid of evil spirit and forces
4)Strong protection against harm
5)Increase good luck
6)Prevent black magic and inauspicious thing

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