Xingtai Steel strives to make technological breakthrough: “Deepening site, Deepening market”
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  In order to further improve the competitiveness of core products, Xingtai Steel continues to improve R&D ability to create greater benefits for our company. since July, Xingtai Steel actively introduced the amoeba management model, requiring technical personnel to quickly change their thoughts and update their concepts. On the one hand, they are required to visit site and serve the production; on the other hand, they are required to actively cooperate with the sales company to go deep into the market, listen to the voice of customers and understand customers’ needs.

  Just take the optimization of SCM440s steel an example, it is a kind of typical alloy steel CrMo, which is used to produce high-strength bolts of grade 10.9 and above, or used in wind turbines, engines and the key parts of locomotive wheel hubs. Therefore, the downstream customers have strict requirements on the performance of our products. In early July, we received feedback from customers: compared with foreign bench-marking manufacturers, our material has higher hardness and worse toughness of low-temperature impact, so the products are easily to failure and cracking. It will inevitably affect the service life of engines and wind turbines.

  Based on this situation, with the principle of being highly responsible for customers, the Technology Center responded quickly and set up a special team in combination with production units and sales departments. The team members, guided by the amoeba management model, analyzed the market and the site to find out the problem and the ways to solve the problem in response to the actual needs raised by customers. In this process, the team carried out several rounds of mechanism analysis. The relevant technical personnel also gave active cooperation. They figured out a set of effective product optimization project and determined the final direction --Reducing the Mo content in the finished product, which can kill three birds with one stone: first, because Mo is a kind of precious alloy, reducing the Mo content can directly reduce the cost; second, it can also reduce the hardness of steel, improve the cold deformation ability of steel and reduce the loss of tooling for customers; third, it can also reduce the formation of martensite organization and improve the toughness of low-temperature impact,.

  At the same time, in the premise of taking protection measures, technical staff of Xingtai Steel Wire Application Research Institute and sales department are thinking about what customers need. They make follow-up assessment for the optimized products, and listen carefully to the customer's feedback for improvement, so as to form a long-term, benign communication and cooperation mechanism with them and provide more efficient and quality service.

  According to statistics, over the past three months, the Technology Center has carried out a number of optimizations including reduction of Mo for SCM440 steel, reduction of Mo for high-end CrMo steel, improving the drawing performance of ls steel, optimizing the aluminum content of DT4 and optimizing the heating time of the third line, which can generate 1,513,300,000 RMB for our company.