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Fulfilling the social responsibilities, Implementing Energy saving and Emission reduction--- Building new Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd of “cyclic development”  

  Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd earnestly implemented the energy saving and emission reduction policy of “carefully planning, responsibilities fulfilling, tightly monitoring, strictly implementing” and the management ideas of “dealing both with small and big things”, started from three aspects of process optimization, backward elimination and use of advanced energy-saving and emission-cutting technology, and put the comprehensive utilization of resources, energy saving and environmental protection in the first place. The company adjusted product structure, carried out the work for energy saving and emission reduction, implemented cleaner production, undertaken the social responsibilities of energy-saving and environmental protection to develop a cyclic economy, and constructed a sustainable developing enterprise of resource-saving and environment-friendly type for a harmonious relationship between the enterprise and nature. The objective of pollutant emission declining year by year while the output unchanged was achieved.

  Actively implementing energy conservation project Improving resources utilization sufficiently

  Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd has actively carried out energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources and built 280,000 m3 Gas tank which can recover 4,100,000,000 m3 of gas per year to achieve zero-emission of gas. Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd has successfully implemented projects such as BF rich gas power generation,Coke dry quenching power generation,Sintering waste heat power generation,TRT, BPRT,Screw for steam power generation, Variable frequency conversion,efficient energy saving pump, green lighting and other projects.Through gas comprehensive utilization project and TRT power generation project,Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd still has a capacity of generating 289 million kwh power under the circumstance of limiting the production in 2018. In order to further increase the recovery efficiency, our company started to build 130 Tons Boiler for high-temperature and super high pressure waste heat generation project and completed it 10 months later. Then the project came into use on September 13th, 2018. After the project is put into use, it greatly increased the efficiency of gas utilization. In 2018, Xingtai Steel has generated 50.6154 million kWh power. The unit consumption of gas for thermoelectric power generation decreased from 4.63 m3/kWh in 2017 to 3.03 m3/kWh in October, 2018.

  Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd has built an Energy Management Centerand which has functions of energy management such as automatic data acquisition, online monitoring, energy balance scheduling and planning, energy performance and energy analysis. On the basis of remote monitoring and visual management of company energy and production to implement information shared, unified command, concentrated interlinked, to meet flat , real-time of, global, and comprehensive requirements, The Center reduced coordination links, improved efficiency. The Energy Center promoted the company production and the various energy of reasonable using, and implemented the energy saving mode from single  equipment energy-saving to integrated (System) energy-saving.

  Xingtai Steel built energy management system and passed external certification. The system conforms to the requirements of GB/T23331 of the energy management system. According to the standard requirements of energy management system in daily, carrying out inspection and review, implementing continuous improvement, to promote the company's energy management by compliance evaluation. The energy consumption of each process of the company has completed the requirements of Hebei province's energy consumption limit, and the energy saving target of the government has been completed, which has been rated as an advanced unit for energy conservation for several years.

  In the production process, Xingtai Iron & Steel used advanced technologies to achieve the adjustment of product structure, and so controls the energy consumption and pollution from the beginning. Xingtai Iron & Steel implements the developmental strategy of “prefect, expert and stronger”, does not expand its capacity, imported international advanced technologies and equipment, and eliminates all the old technologies with high energy consumption. The pollutant emission reduction was realized by optimizing the productive technology and intensifying process control.  

  Intensifying monitoring of the facilities to ensure the stable operation

  Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd set up a perfect institution for environmental monitoring, and equipped various monitoring instruments such as spectrophotometer, photoelectric analytical balance, all-weather atmospheric continuous monitoring system, the hydrostatic balance flue gas concentration detector, sound level meters, precision pH meter, dust concentration detector, atmospheric sampling, carbon monoxide detector. All the posts of the company are monitored daily, weekly, ten days, monthly, quarterly. Control measures are operated for all the environmental protection facilities. Emergency plans were made for all the suspected environmental pollution region. A perfect check-up system was drafted. The important indicators are monitored on line.An on line monitoring equipment was installed on the wastewater outlet and head of sintering machine, and connected with the department of environmental protection. Surveillance video devices were installed in the steel, iron, coking region to ensure all the pollutants discharging meeting the standard.

  Intensifying management, reducing emission with all the strength, and stabilizing the achievements of emission reduction

  The company continued to intensify the management to the “thirteenth five-year plan” energy-saving and emission-reduction project. While stabilizing the achievements of the “twelfth five-year plan” energy-saving and emission-reduction,the company optimized the present dedusting system, improved the dedusting efficiency of the dust remover to reduce the emission of the smoke and dust, and controlled the emission of pollutants in the scope of requirements according to ““thirteenth five-year plan” liability agreement of energy-saving and emission-reduction target of Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd”, “plan for “twelfth five-year plan” total reduction amounts of main pollutants of Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd”.Xingtai Steel built a new sewage treatment plant in 2011, to realize recycle after depth treatment by collecting, producing the standard of discharge of wastewater treatment for each unit by conventional treatment such as precipitation, filtration, disinfection and ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and to realize the zero discharge of industrial wastewater., The Danish technology of SDA facilities built on 180 ㎡ sintering machine in 2012, which rotating spray desulphurization of sintering flue gas desulfurization process and realizing the emissions of waste gas is up to standard. All the clean level of production of the company met the first and second level of the national standard for clean production, and was advanced in the nation.

  As “double thirty” enterprise in Hebei province, Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd has been evaluated as “double thirty” emission reduction advanced for many years and achieved party committee and provincial government commendation.